CATO Rocket Launch

You're invited to join Let's Build Rockets at CATO's August launch, CATO 248!

The event is at White's Field, Durham CT. Setup starts at 9AM, the rest of the event is 10am - 3pm.

LBR is planning on launching two model rockets. The larger one (orange) will be launched with a G-impulse motor and will carry the horizon tracker payload built by our intern, Pooja Swami. The smaller one (purple) will be launched with an E-impulse motor, just for fun :)

We don't actually know what time our two rockets will be launched, but there will be other CATO members launching their rockets as well at this event. Feel free to stick around and enjoy the other launches as well as ours!

CATO will be hosting their annual summer picnic at the launch as well. Hot dogs and burgers are provided by the club. They ask that you bring something to share if you would like to participate.

Please let us know what you are planning to bring if you do by emailing [email protected], and we will shoot them an email on behalf of all of us.

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