Test Center

The test center is the physical rig used to test the rocket engine and related components. In many cases the test may not be focused on the engine, but on supporting components, such as a new valve configuration.

Test Center 3

Test Stand

The test stand is the metal stand that the engine and valves will be mounted to. This stand will be bolted/wighted down to keep the engine from moving during the static test.

Control Electronics

The control electronics are responsible for activating valves at specific time intervals and log/report live sensor data. At any one point we could have up to 16 analog sensors connected to our 12-bit ADC. Below you can see some pictures of some of the PCBs that we have designed and soldered. All of these boards were ordered from OSH Park. Some of the packages, such as the TSSOP, are difficult to solder. There are a few images to show the relative size of these ICs.

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