We have gone through many engine designs and most of them failed before we even made them. We have only tested three engines so far. These engines are the Lobster 1 - 3. Our current focus is on the V4 Mark I engine. This is by far the most advanced engine and will be powered by liquid oxygen and kerosene.

V4 Mark I

The V4 Mark I is a 300N thrust engine machined from 6061 aluminum. This is uncooled test engine which means it can only be fired for a few seconds before it will burn out. The alternative to this is regeneratively cooled engines. They use the fuel or oxidiser to cool the engine. You read more about regenerative cooling here. Our next engine will be a test regeneratively cooled engine.

We were lucky enough to have a connection with the CT Hackerspace. They have a great facility, including a well stocked metal shop. We did most of the work on our V4 Mark I rocket here.

Lobster V1 - V3

These were by far the most primitive engines that we have built. They were made of steel pipe and brass fittings. Most of these engines were powered with propane and gaseous oxygen. These engines were entirely made to test the feasibility of this project.

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